Welcome To Donna Lee Brides

Growing up in the north of England I was always looking at fashion and fascinated by the ways that different materials created very contrasting looks. As time went by I started looking at the fact that fashion differed, not only across continents and countries but through different areas of the same country and even in some cases from town to town.
My imagination ran and as with most women the glamour of the fairy-tale weddings captured my attention. I knew at this point it was what I wanted to do with my life. After researching and learning as much as I could I eventually took my first steps in designing my own gowns and Donna Lee Brides was born.
Today, I spend my time searching for the latest fabrics around the world to ensure that Donna Lee Brides offer outstanding designs and quality at a price that is both affordable and offers exceptional value.
From our offices here in the UK all our designs are put to paper and perfected before being sent to the factory for production.